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Programme of Science, Management and Innovation

Formally, during the first year of your master, you will follow the courses and activities belonging to the Biology programme.

First year:

The following Biology-specific components are part of the programme when you take the Master's specialisation in Science, Management and Innovation within the Master's in Biology:

a. Courses in Biology (15 EC)

You have to follow a set of courses that match the compulsory courses for one of the thematic specialisations:

Alternatively, you can choose a combination of compulsory courses from the thematic specialisations, with a total of 15 EC. This has to be approved by the Examination Board through a motivated request, within one year of the start of the Master's programme.

b. Science internship: NWI-BM-STAGES1 (33EC)

Your science internship has to be done under supervision of one of the examiners of one of the research groups as described in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER)

c. Review article - NWI-BM-REVIEWART (6 EC)

Review article can be replaced by Field Course Alpine Ecology (NWI-BM040B)
OR Field Course Ireland (NWI-BM048B)
(NB: both field courses are offered in alternating years)

d. Master Portfolio Biosciences (0 EC)

e. Philosophy course (3 EC)

f. Free elective (3 EC)

Second year:

In the second year you start with the courses and activities attributed to the SMI. These courses you will follow with students from the entire faculty who are enrolled in this specialisation.

In practice, however, your personal planning may deviate from this. Please contact your student advisor if you need advice on planning.

The SMI-specific programme can be found here.