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Courses offered by Particle and Astrophysics

Below you will find all elective courses offered by Particle and Astrophysics sorted by semester:

Non-scheduled courses that can be taken throughout the year:
NIKHEF Topical Lectures4
CERN Summer Student Programme3


1. This course is taught biennially, not in 2022-23

2. This course is taught biennially

3. The number of EC points to be assigned to the CERN Summer Student Programme depends on the length of the programme, and is given by 6 EC + (number of weeks minus 6)/2 EC rounded down to an integer. The full extent of the programme corresponds to 9 EC. Please contact dr. F. Filthaut or prof. dr. N. de Groot for more information.

4. 1 EC for each 3-day event, 3 times per year