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Contract students

It is possible to follow one of more courses as a contract student at the Faculty of Science. Below you will find information on how to register, the conditions, and the possibilities.

Guide Lines Contract Students Faculty of Science

  • No entry level is determined for a course. If you have any questions on the entry level of a course, contact the lecturer or the student advisor.
  • If a company is interested in sending multiple employees for courses, compiling a custom programme might be a possibility. This will be discussed with the education institute, after which a tender will be submitted.
  • Contract students may follow a maximum of 30 EC in courses. Should they wish to follow more EC in courses, they will have to enrol as a student.
  • Radboud University students receive vouchers when they graduate. With the vouchers, they can take one or more courses for free at any faculty of Radboud University. Alumni who want to attend one or more courses at the Faculty of Science must hand in their paper vouchers, completely filled in per course, at the Student Service Desk. Recently, paper vouchers have been replaced by digital vouchers. You can enter the digital voucher online. Do this well in time before the course starts, so that you are enrolled in Osiris on time. Only then you can take the courses for free.