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Internship grants

Students of the Faculty of Science can go abroad for the purpose of a research internship.

Travel Grants for internships in Europe

If this internship will take place in Europe you can request the Erasmus grant for traineeship. See below the procedure.
If the internship will take place at one of the Max Planck Institutes the Max Planck scholarship will apply to your internship. See below the procedure.

Travel Grants for internships outside of Europe

Students who are planning an internship in a non-European country might be eligible for an Individual Travel Grant. See below how to apply.
There might be additional or other grants available. Check the Faculty of Science Grants overview (xlsx, 13 kB). If the information is provided in Dutch it means that only Dutch citizens are eligible to apply.

Grant for internship in USA if you are a low income student:
The Netherland-America Foundation Submission Manager - The NAF Dutch2USA Internships: Transformational Experiences for Low-Income Students (submittable.com)

How to apply for a grant?

All students who go abroad for an internship will start an application in Osiris - Stay Abroad (Dutch: Buitenlandverblijf). You are asked if it is for study or internship purpose and what will be your expected start and end date.