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Pre-Master's Neurobiology

The pre-Master's Neurobiology can only start in September. The courses of this pre-Master's are spread over the entire academic year. We recommend taking the R Programming course on top of the required 30 EC, because it is beneficial for the Master's research internships. Neurobiophysics can also be taken as an additional course.

For start in September, you see the programme below.

Period 1 (Sep-Nov)

Neural Basis of Motor Control (NWI-BB080C)

Introduction to R Programming (NWI-BB095) - optional

Period 2 (Nov-Jan)

Neurodevelopment (NWI-BB039C)

Neurobiophysics (NWI-BB021B) - optional

Period 3 (Feb-Apr)

Neural Basis of Cognitive Perception (NWI-BB092)

Cognitive Neuroimaging (NWI-BB081B)

Period 4 (Apr-Jul)

Neurons and Synapses (NWI-BB094)

If you have any questions, please contact the Admission Office Science.

For general information about the pre-Master's, please visit the page Pre-Master's Medical Biology.