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Request exemption

Under certain circumstances, for example when you have completed part of a similar study programme elsewhere, a student can be exempt from one or more courses. Always discuss this with your student advisor first. If you wish to be eligible for an exemption, please contact your student advisor first.

It is important to know that an exemption for a theoretical component can only be granted if the comparable component was done with another university programme in the Netherlands or abroad. Comparable meaning that the content, study load an level are the same as the course you are requesting an exemption from. This means that an exemption is (almost) never granted for theoretical components completed at an HBO (university of applied sciences).

It is also possible to request an exemption for a practical component. Exemptions are granted on the basis of a comparable component from a different programme at a university or HBO (university of applied sciences) in the Netherlands or abroad.

If you want to request an exemption, you should do so at least a month before the course starts. To request an exemption, you should do the following:

  1. Provide proof of the component you passed and that you would like an exemption for. Hand this in at the Examination Board (fnwi.examcies@science.ru.nlbefore requesting the exemption;
  2. Download the exemption request form here (docx, 37 kB);
  3. Use one form for every course;
  4. Have the lecturer sign;
  5. Upload the form in the request form down below.

Please note: Enter your student email address in the email field (ending with @ru.nl).