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Course enrolment


- period 1: opens from 01-08-2022 and closes on 24-08-2022 23.59h
- period 2: opens from 03-10-2022 and closes on 26-10-2022 23.59h
- period 3: opens from 05-12-2022 and closes on 18-01-2023 23.59h
- period 4: opens from 06-03-2022 and closes on 29-03-2023 23.59h

There are some exceptions (e.g., Core Themes). Please keep an eye on the Psychology Programme Space for these.

To contribute to a smooth organisation of our programme, we kindly request that you enroll for the courses of your preference as soon as possible. Register no later than 7 working days before the start of the course.


You can register for courses through Osiris. Watch the instructional video. Once you enrolled successfully, you will receive an automatic confirmation at your Radboud e-mail address.

Enrollment for work groups and practicals

Participation in work groups is not compulsory, but this doesn't mean enrollment is non-binding. Once you enroll for a work group, we expect you to attend all meetings and to prepare the assignments and discussions. When you don't want to make the effort, please do not sign in because this is a waste of resources.

Participation in practicals is compulsory.

Maximum capacity for some B3 courses

As room space is limited, a registration cap may apply for B3 courses. Make sure to register at your earliest convenience. In case a registration cap needs to be applied, B3 students will be given priority over B2 students.