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B2 courses with specific admission requirements

Specific admission requirements apply for the B2 courses listed below.

for all B2 courses the following applies: you must have a positive binding study advice.

Do you not have a definitive positive binding study advice, but you do want to follow B2 courses? Contact the student advisors to discuss the possibilities.

Guideline = 15EC per period.

Participation in the following B2 courses is only possible if ...

... courses below have been passed ... and knowledge of these courses is assumed
Conversational Skills Professional Skills (part 'vrije attitude interview' / free attitude interview)
Statistics 2 Statistics 1
Research Project 2

Research Project 1 Statistics 1
Research Methods

Statistics 2
Core Theme chosen in the first semester (= coupled to Research Project 2)

Psychometrics Statistics 1 Statistics 2
Data Analysis Statistics 1

Statistics 2

The condition for assumption of knowledge means that we expect during study and examinations that you have previously passed the course, but you are not forced to do so.

Also see the entry requirements for B3 courses.