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Me and My Career - becoming a scientist practitioner

In the  second (B2) and third year (B3) of your bachelor programme you will follow the course Me & My career. In this course you will be challenged to monitor your learning process as a scientist-practitioner, and you will get a better sight of what it actually means to work as an academically trained psychologist.

Please note: Me & My Career - becoming a scientist practitioner is a 1 ec course, spread over your B2 (semester 2) and B3 year. You will attain this 1 ec at the end of your B3 year, once you have passed the assignments. Please check the prospectus for more information about the course.

Please note: you will follow this course during your second AND third year.

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2019-2020 you will be registered in SOW-PSB23PS32E

2020-2021 you will be registered in SOW-PS23PS33E

2021-2022 you will register in SOW-PS23PS34E

2022-2023 you will register in SOW-PS23PS35E