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Students from other programmes and/ or universities

From another Radboud programme?

If you are a Radboud-student, then you can directly enroll for all Psychology courses mentioned in this overview (pdf, 884 kB).

Please note. There is a separate course code for General Introduction in Psychology for which students from other programmes may register: SOW-PSB1GE06B.

Bijvakkers 22-23

Radboud students

Students who completed their own first year bachelor programme (60EC) are allowed to follow 3th year courses.

If you have not completed your first year, your choice is limited to first- and second-year courses.

Master's courses can only be chosen as subsidiary courses by students with a master's degree.

From a university of applied science (hbo)?

HBO students who are in their third of fourth year of study, can join the same courses as Radboud students. However, you are welcome to enroll for two electives at max. Please follow this procedure to register as an external subsidiary student. 
Note: HBO students in their first or second year can not enroll.

From another university?

Are you a student from one of the Dutch research universities? You can take the same courses as Radboud students. However, the procedure for you as an external subsidiary student is slightly different.

Distinctive profiles

The Psychology programme does not have any minors. Would you like to take up to two Psychology courses that are related in content, for example, in your minor area? Then check out our distinctive profiles.

Prior knowledge

Following a single course will require extra effort on your part because in the Psychology curriculum, one course builds on another. Make your own judgment as to whether a course is feasible for you. Using the study guide, check which textbooks were used in prior courses to see if there are any gaps in your prior knowledge and work through any deficiencies prior to the course.


  • Check the schema above and via this overview in the respective course descriptions to see which courses interest yu. Check whether you meet the admission requirements. Make sure you know about the types of education and tests and the schedule (see tab at the top of the course description).
  • If you are a RU student, you can register for an additional course directly via Osiris
  • If you are not a RU student, follow this procedure.
  • After complete registration at the RU, you will have access to the student portal/ osiris. Follow the instruction for course registration in osiris. For third year courses, you cannot register online as a subsidiary student; this is only possible at the desk of the FSW-Student Information Point (STIP). You can also contact STIP for other questions. You now have access to the Brightspace course and all required educational materials.
  • Read the information on Testing and assessment: after registering for the course, you are also registered for the first test opportunity; for a possible resit you have to register via osiris. You will also find your test results in Osiris.

Please note.

If your educational programme is not listed in the schema above, it is not allowed to follow the course as an external students.

If your educational programme is listed in the schema above, but you cannot register? Please contact STIP.