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Introduction Anthropology and Development Studies - Shifting Solidarities

In this Master programme, you will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on processes that play a role in social transformation related to diversity and inequality in complex and diverse world, and which are therefore subject to intense academic debate. You combine fine-grained analysis of localized questions with an assessment of possible avenues for change.

The Master’s in Anthropology and Development Studies allows you to specialize in one of three topical domains. These are: Decolonizing diversity in a polarized world; Ecological livelihoods and environmental justice; Grassroots Initiatives, development and the state. All themes implicate urgent social issues, which affect the living conditions of many people and produce various forms of wanted and unwanted change. In the first week of the Master, you choose one specialization to further delve into, in order to prepare a solid grounding in the relevant academic debates and to be able to subsequently to develop your own research project within that topical domain.

All research projects in this Master are required to address a question that is not only of academic relevance, but also of societal interest. You are encouraged to formulate the research question in cooperation with organizations such as municipal authorities, NGO’s, embassies, educational or healthcare institutions. For each project a critical reflection of the social implications of the research findings will be required, and you will learn how to communicate those to various audiences.

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