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Course overview

Course code Course title EC
SOW-MKI66 Advanced Academic & Professional Skills 6
SOW-MKI74 Advanced Brain-Computer Interfacing 6
NWI-NM085C Advanced Computational Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM048B Advanced Machine Learning 6
SOW-MKI87 Agent-based Cognitive Modelling 3
SOW-MKI72 AI for Healthcare 6
SOW-MKI73 AI for Neurotechnology 6
SOW-MKI76 AI in the Professional Workfield 3
SOW-MKI71 AI Research Colloquium 3
SOW-MKI75 Applied Machine Learning 6
NWI-NM102 (The) Auditory System 3
LET-REMA-LCEX10 (Automatic) Speech Recognition 6
NWI-IMC012 Bayesian Networks 6
SOW-MKI77 Bias in AI 3
SOW-MKI10 Capita Selecta AI 3
SOW-MKI20 Capita Selecta AI 6
SOW-MKI40 Cognition and Complexity (not taught in 2022-2023) 6
SOW-MKI68 Cognitive Robotics 6
SOW-SCS101 Comparative Societal Questions 3
SOW-MKI49 Complex Adaptive Systems 6
NWI-NM047D Computational Neuroscience 3
SOW-MKI95 Computer Graphics and Computer Vision 6
NWI-I00155 Design of Embedded Systems 6
SOW-SCS210 Diversity in Organisations 6
SOW-MKI67 Ethics for AI 6
NWI-FFIL202A Evolution and the Mind 3
SOW-MKI94 Extended Research Project 45
NWI-NM099B Hands-on Neuroscience 6
SOW-MKI70 Human-Robot Interaction 6
MAN-MGEM001 Gender, Conflict and International Institution 6
SOW-ADSM100 Grassroot Initiatives 6
NWI-I00041 Information Retrieval 6
NWI-FMT003E Innovation Management 6
NWI-IMC037 Intelligent Systems in Medical Imaging 6
SOW-MKI83 Internship 15
LET-REMA-LCEX19 Intro to Language and Speech Technology 6
NWI-IMC006 Law and Technology 6
NWI-IMC030 Machine Learning in Practice 6
SOW-MKI84 Modelling & Analysis of Complex Networks 3
SOW-DGCN23 Motor control 6
NWI-IMC042 Natural Computing 6
SOW-MKI86 Neural Computation 3
SOW-DGCN02 Neuroimaging I 6
SOW-MKI96 Neuromorphic Computing 6
SOW-MKI78 Neuromorphic Engineering 3
SOW-DGCN03 Neurophilosophy 6
SOW-MKI52 New Media Lab 6
SOW-DGCN44 Perception 6
NWI-IMI003 Philosophy & Ethics for Computer- & Information Science 3
SOW-MKI69 Probabilistic Deep Learning 6
NWI-NM080B Quantitative Brain Networks 6
SOW-SCS119 Radicalisation 6
SOW-MKI92 Research Project 30
SOW-MKI62 Research Seminar 6
SOW-MKI79 Sensorimotor Neurotechnology 6
NWI-FC0013C Science and Media 3
NWI-FC0043B Science and Public Policy 3
NWI-FC002B Science and Societal Interaction 3
SOW-DGCN26 Social Neurocognition 6
NWI-IMC056 Statistical Machine Learning 6
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining 6
SOW-MKI56 Theoretical Foundations for Cognitive Agents (one last exam opportunity) 6
NWI-FFIL215 Upgrading the Human?