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Dual Degree IT and Digital Society

Year 1

Course Code Course Name EC
Compulsory Courses - 21EC
SOW-MKI66 Advanced Academic & Professional Skills 6
SOW-MKI76 AI in the Professional Workfield 3
SOW-MKI67 Ethics for AI 6
Select at least one of the following courses - 6 EC
(for this track, Machine Learning in Practice is recommended, although the choice is free)
Probabilistic Deep Learning
Applied Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Practice
Statistical Machine Learning


Course Code Course Name EC
Specialisation Core CoursesSelection of 24EC
SOW-MKI74 Advanced Brain-Computer Interfacing 6EC
SOW-MKI72 AI for Healthcare 6EC
SOW-MKI73 AI for Neurotechnology 6EC
SOW-MKI95 Computer Graphics and Computer Vision 6EC
SOW-MKI70 Human-Robot Interaction 6EC
NWI-IMC037 Intelligent Systems of Medical Imaging 6EC
SOW-MKI52 New Media Lab 6EC
LET-REMA-LCEX-06 Text & Multimedia Mining 6EC

Year 2

Course Code Course Name EC
Compulsory courses - 80EC - Information will be supplied by Glasgow University
Digital Society 10
Living Lab 10
Improving Health and Society 10
Introduction to Social Theory for Researchers 10
Practical Research Design for the digital World 10
Thesis/Dissertation 30