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Societal Impact track

This track is configured  as an open variant track of the specialisation Intelligent Technology in the academic year 2021-2022.  In 2022/2023 it is an official track.

Course Code Course name EC
Compulsory Courses - 21 EC
SOW-MKI66 Advanced Academic & Professional Skills 6
SOW-MKI76 AI in the Professional Workfield 3
SOW-MKI67 Ethics for AI 6
Select at least one of the following courses - 6 EC
(for this track, Machine Learning in Practice or Statistical Machine Learning are recommended, although the choice is free)
Applied Machine Learning 
Probabilistic Deep Learning
Statistical Machine Learning
Machine Learning in Practice


Final Project - 45 EC


Extended Research Project


Specialisation Courses - 18EC
SOW-MKI74 Advanced Brain-Computer Interfacing 6
SOW-MKI72 AI for Healthcare 6
SOW-MKI73 AI for Neurotechnology 6
SOW-MKI95 Computer Graphics & Computer Vision 6
SOW-MKI70 Human-Robot Interaction 6
SOW-MKI52 New Media Lab 6
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining 6
Specialisation Electives - 18EC
Any remaining compulsory or specialisation course within Societal Impact
SOW-MKI77 Bias in AI 3
SOW-SCS101 Comparative Societal Questions 3
SOW-SCS210 Diversity in Organisations 6
MAN-MGEM001 Gender, Conflict and International Institution 6
NWI-FMT003E Innovation management 6
NWI-IMC006 Law and Technology 6
SOW-ADSM100 Mobilising Change 6
NWI-IMI003 Philosophy & Ethics for Computer & Information Science 3
SOW-SCS119 Radicalisation 6
NWI-FC0013C Science and Media 3
NWI-FC0043B Science and Public Policy 3
NWI-FC002B Science and Societal Interaction 3
NWI-FFIL215 Upgrading the Human 3
JUR-4WORK21 Work in the 21st Century 7
Free Electives - 18EC
Any Master Course
SOW-MKI10 Capita Selecta 3
SOW-MKI20 Capita Selecta 6
SOW-MKI62 Research Seminar 6