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Diagnostic Certification

For students with a focus on Special Education:

It is possible for students of the Behavioural Science Research Master (RMBS) who already hold a Bachelor's degree in special education (‘orthopedagogiek', e.g. the  bachelor in ‘pedagogische wetenschappen' from Radboud University Nijmegen) to obtain diagnostic certification.  They can qualify for the basic diagnostic registration (‘NVO aantekening') and for the advanced Mental Health curriculum (‘GZ opleiding') if they do a clinical internship in extra time after completing their research master.

BSRM students can follow the course ‘stage incl. diagnostiek' (25 EC) of the master's programme in ‘Pedagogische Wetenschappen' to meet the requirements for both forms of certification. This course starts twice a year.

Contact rm@bsi.ru.nl for more information.

See also:

NVO diagnostic registration (Diagnostiekaantekening): http://www.nvo.nl/ and the prospectus of the School of Pedagogical and Educational Science.
Advanced Mental Health curriculum (opleiding tot GZpsycholoog): http://www.spon-opleidingen.nl/

For students with a focus on Psychology:

For students who already hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, the programme of the Behavioural Science Research Master (RMBS) does not meet the criteria required to obtain a basic diagnostic registration (‘basisaantekening psychodiagnostiek') or to be qualified to enter the advanced Mental Health curriculum (‘GZ opleiding').

Students who wish to get this certification at Radboud University Nijmegen have to enroll in the one-year master's programme ‘mastervariant Gezondheidszorgpsychologie (GZP)' and they have to have done specific courses in their Bachelor programme. To get an overview of what is required for the ‘basisaantekening psychodiagnostiek', students can best check the website http://www.psynip.nl/.

Please note that only students with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology or in ‘Gezondheidswetenschappen' from Maastricht with the specialization ‘Geestelijke Gezondheidskunde' can be accepted for the mastervariant GZP.

Students who want to combine the RMBS and the mastervariant GZP can best contact study advisor drs. Jorijn Verbruggen to discuss their planning. With extra work (i.e. in addition to your regular RM work), students might be able to do the two masters in a little more then 2.5 years. Combining the BSRM with the GZP master is a good choice for students with both clinical and research aspirations and for those who would like to become ‘scientist practitioners'.

For more information see: