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Elective Courses

Students will have 8 EC for elective course(s) as part of their programme.
The elective course can be an additional course of the Behavioural Science (BS) programme or a course from another programme with the following conditions:
- the course(s) should be of the Faculty of Social Science
- the course(s) should be of master's level,
- sufficiently relevant to the content of the programme,
- have no overlap with the courses of the RM Behavioural Science programme, and
- not be a statistical course.
Courses that meet the conditions mentioned above can be chosen without permission or notification to the examination board of the Research Master Behavioural Science.

If students want to do a Master course statistical Master course that does not meet the conditions above or is a statistical course at master's level, they will have to send an email with their motivation (and the details and link of the course: course code + description) to rm@bsi.ru.nl with subject: examination board-elective. The examination board will make a decision based on motivation, the level and relevance of the course.

The elective courses may be followed in the first as well as in the second MSc year.

If students are interested in Neuroscience, there is the possibility to do the Neuroimaging I course. This course is usually in semester I and has a limited availability, so please contact the course coordinator as soon as possible if you want to participate in this course.

The examination board has made an inspiration list of courses +(see below).

Courses Research Master Behavioural Science

Code Title EC
SOW-BS090 Teaching Skills 4

Courses Master Onderwijskunde

Code Title EC
SOW-OWKM080 De leraar 4
SOW-OWKM090 Leeromgeving 4
SOW-OWKM070 Leerprocessen 4
SOW-OWKM100 Onderwijs en samenleving 4

Courses Pedagogische Wetenschappen

Code Title EC
SOW-PWM050 Angst en depressie: actuele ontwikkelingen en trends 4
SOW-PWM180 Belang van het kind: rechten en behoeften 4
SOW-PWM020 Complex Systems Theory 4
SOW-PWM270 Criminogene factoren 4
SOW-PWM200 Dealing with diversities in care 4
SOW-PWM105 De scientist-practitioner binnen het speciaal leren 4
SOW-PWM260 Dwang en drang 4
SOW-PWM150 Educating the gifted 4
SOW-PWVK050 Gifted Education 5
SOW-PWM160 The good life 4
SOW-PWM010 Jeugdrecht, beleid en ethiek 4
SOW-PWM095 Theoretische verklaringsmodellen van het speciaal leren 4
SOW-PWM070 Recente ontwikkelingen in risicogedrag 4
SOW-PWM080 Risicogedrag: onderzoek en klinische praktijk 4
SOW-PWM300 Theorizing Diversities in Care 4
SOW-PWM120 Interventies bij mensen met een beperking 4
SOW-PWM110 Participatie: opvoeden en begeleiden van mensen met een beperking 4

Courses  Research Master Cognitive Neuroscience

Code Title EC
SOW-DGCN11 Academic writing 3
SOW-DGCN09 Advanced Math 3
NWI-NM099B Advanced Neuroscience Techniques 6
SOW-DGCN45 Attention and Performance 6
NWI-NM102 Auditory Perception and Technology 3
SOW-DGCN12 Basic Mathematics 3
SOW-MKI46 Brain-computer Interfacing practical course (BCI) 6
SOW-DGCN40 Capita Selecta Cognitive Neuroscience 6
SOW-MKI40 Cognition and Complexity 6
SOW-DGCN25 Cognitive Control and Decision Making 6
SOW-DGCN30 Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory 6
SOW-DGCN28 Communication in Cognitive Neuroscience 6
SOW-MKI49 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM047B Computational Neuroscience 6
SOW-DGCN27 Developmental Cogitive Neuroscience 6
SOW-DGCN32 Early Onset Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6
SOW-DGCN18 First language acquisition 6
SOW-DGCN46 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology 6
SOW-DGCN23 Motor control 6
NWI-BM001D Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology 6
LET-REMA-LCEX15 Language in multimodal context: Gesture and sign language 6
SOW-DGCN08 Neuroanatomy 3
SOW-DGCN43 Neurobiology of Language 6
SOW-DGCN33 Neurobiology of (Mal)adaptation 6
SOW-DGCN34 Neurogenetics 6
SOW-DGCN02 Neuroimaging I 6
SOW-DGCN39 NeuroImaging II: Electrophysiological Methods 6
SOW-DGCN37 Neuroimaging II: Haemodynamic methods 6
SOW-DGCN03 Neurophilosophy 6
SOW-DGCN44 Perception 6
SOW-DGCN47 Practical ERP training 3
SOW-DGCN31 Psychology of learning 6
NWI-NM080B Quantitative Brain Networks 6
SOW-DGCN17 Sentence Production and Comprehension 6
SOW-DGCN26 Social Neurocognition 6
SOW-DGCN52 Structural Aspects of Language 6
SOW-DGCN01 Trends in cognitive neuroscience 6
SOW-DGCN16 Word Recognition and Production 6

Courses Research Master Social and Cultural Sciences

Code Title EC
SOW-SCS115 Comparative anthropological research 6
SOW-SCS104 Comparative methodology 3
SOW-SCS111 Comparative research project 12
SOW-SCS101 Comparative societal questions 3
SOW-SCS103 Multilevel analysis and event history analysis 6
SOW-SCS220 Doing Qualitative Research and Analysis 6

Courses Master Psychologie

Code Title EC
SOW-MPSGV10A Algemene inleiding Gedragsverandering 9
SOW-MPSWOH12 Work, Health & Performance 6
SOW-MPSAG10 Inleiding Arbeid, Organisatie en Gezondheid 6
SOW-MPSAG13 Organisatieontwikkeling en gedragsverandering 6
SOW-MPSAG11 Personeelspsychologie 6
SOW-MPSGV14A Persoonlijke Effectiviteit in een Professionele Setting (PEPS) 3
SOW-MPSGP12 Psychopathologie 8
SOW-PSMWOH15 Work, Sport and Health 6
SOW-PSMWOH14 Human Resource Management 6
SOW-MPSAG16 Toepassing organisatieverandering- en advies 6

Other Courses

Code Title EC
SOW-CWM4021 Persuasion in Entertainment Media
SOW-CWM090 Young consumers
SOW-CWM020 Entertainment Media en Welbevinden
SOW-MK152 App-lab: Intelligent Mobile Apps
SOW-CWM4032 The Internet and Social Media in Journalism
SOW-CWM080 Weerstand tegen Beïnvloeding
SOW-BMS04 Policy making.... (Biomedical Science Master)
LET-ACWME0006 Things: Material Culture...
MAN-MGEM001 Gender Conflict and International Institution
SOW-CWM130 Wetenschapscommunicatie
NWI-WM126 Biostatistics (Mathematics)
SOW-MK152 New Media Lab
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text and Multimedia Mining
LET-ACWME0007 Creativity in Context
LET-LETK-RTC401 The representation of violence at he US-Mexican border
SOW-ADSM100 Mobilising Change
SOW-PSMBC14 Being a Behaviour Change Professional
SOW-SCS119 Radicalization
LET-HLCS-C5 Contemporary Debates in Humanities
NWI-FFIL202A Evolution and the Mind
SOW-MKI87 Agent-based Cognitive Modelling
NWI-FC0013C Science and Media
NWI-BM033F Nature in Crowded Country
SOW-ADSM090 Ecological Livelihoods and Environmental Justice