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Course overview

Course code Course titel EC
SOW-DGCN11 Academic Writing 3
SOW-MKI49 Adaptive Complex Systems 6
NWI-NM085C Advanced Computational Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM048B Advanced Machine learning 6
SOW-BS086 Advanced Statistics in R 8
SOW-MKI73 AI for neurotechnology 6
SOW-DGCN35 Animal Models for Brain Function and Disorders 6
SOW-DGCN45 Attention and Prediction 6
SOW-DGCN12 Basic Mathematics for Cognitive Neuroscience 3
SOW-DGCN40 Capita Selecta Cognitive Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM048D CDS: Machine Learning 3
SOW-MKI40 Cognition and Complexity 6
SOW-DGCN25 Cognitive Control and Decision Making 6
SOW-DGCN28 Communication in Cognitive Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM047D Computational Neuroscience 3
SOW-DGCN27 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 6
SOW-DGCN32 Early Onset Neurodevelopmental Disorders 6
SOW-DGCN18 First Language Acquisition 6
NWI-NM099B Hands-on Neuroscience 6
SOW-DGCN31 Human learning and memory 6
SOW-DGCN04 Lab Rotation 3
LET-REMA-LCEX21 Language in a Multimodal Context: Gesture and Sign Language 6
SOW-DGCN09 Mathematics for Neuroimaging 3
SOW-DGCN53 Matlab Mathematical Programming 3
NWI-BM001D Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology 6
SOW-DGCN30 Neural basis of animal cognition 6
SOW-DGCN08 Neuroanatomy 3
SOW-DGCN43 Neurobiology of Language 6
SOW-DGCN33 Neurobiology of (Mal)adaptation 6
SOW-DGCN34 Neurogenetics 6
SOW-DGCN02 Neuroimaging I 6
SOW-DGCN39 Neuroimaging II: Electrophysiological Methods 6
SOW-DGCN37 Neuroimaging II: Haemodynamic Methods 6
SOW-DGCN03 Neurophilosophy 6
SOW-DGCN44 Perception 6
SOW-DGCN47 Practical ERP Training 3
SOW-DGCN05 Practical Training and Thesis 45
SOW-DGCN54 Pragmatics, cognition and interaction 6
NWI-NM080B Quantitative Brain Networks 6
SOW-DGCN23 Sensorimotor control and learning 6
SOW-DGCN26 Social Neurocognition 6
SOW-BS090 Teaching Skills 4
NWI-NM102 The Auditory system 3
SOW-DGCN01 Trends in Cognitive Neuroscience 6
SOW-DGCN19 Using and Acquiring Multiple Languages 6
SOW-DGCN16 Word Recognition and Production 6