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Elective courses

You need to complete 12EC of elective courses. You may choose ANY Master level course to be part of this elective space. You may thus choose courses from the CNS programme (e.g., additional track or skill training courses), but you may also choose courses from other Master programmes at the RU (e.g., Behavioural Science, AI, Neurophysics, etc.). You may even choose Master level (!) courses from outside the Radboud University to be part of your elective space. If you would like to do this, you do need to first contact the programme coordinator (send an email to: arno.koning@donders.ru.nl), as the course needs to be registered before you take it.

Below you may find a list of suggested courses for you elective space. These courses are highly advised, but as mentioned above, you may also choose other courses to be part of your elective space.

SOW-DGCN28  Communication in Cognitive Neuroscience*
SOW-DGCN40  Capita Selecta Cognitive Neuroscience
NWI-NM048B   Advanced machine learning**
NWI-NM085C   Advanced computational neuroscience**
NWI-NM102     The Auditory System
NWI-BM001D   Molecular and cellular neurobiology

* Note: the course Communication in Cognitive Neuroscience (DGCN28) is a second-year course and thus only open to second year students (Feb-starters can take this course in their second semester).

** Note: for these courses from the Neurophysics master's programme, specific entry requirements apply. Consult the course description for more information.