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Compulsory courses

These are the general compulsory courses that all CNS students have to complete.

You are strongly advised to complete these compulsory courses in your first year.

SOW-DGCN01  Trends in Cognitive Neuroscience  
SOW-DGCN02  Neuroimaging I  
SOW-DGCN03  Neurophilosophy  
SOW-DGCN04  Lab rotations

Choose one of the following two Neuroimaging II courses:  
SOW-DGCN37  Neuroimaging II: Haemodynamic Methods  
SOW-DGCN39  Neuroimaging II: Electrophysiological Methods

IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to be allowed to take the exam for both Neuroimaging II courses, you need to have mathematical knowledge at the level of the course DGCN09 - Mathematics for Neuroimaging. If you have this knowledge you may be exempted from this requirement (contact the respective course coordinator to request an exemption). If you do not have this knowledge you are required to take the course DGCN09 - Mathematics for Neuroimaging.