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General guide to the bachelor degree programme

Bachelor programme: a general outline

This bachelor programme consists of a major and a minor. The major is the basic programme offered by your own degree programme. A minor is a coherent package of courses. You can refine your subject knowledge by following minor courses within your own degree programme, or broaden your horizons by choosing a minor offered by another programme. The major includes several courses that play a role in other programmes as well. This means you will work with students from other degree programmes and other nationalities.

The bachelor programme consists of 180 ECTS credits, 140 of which are reserved for the major and the remaining 40 for the minor. The programme is structured as follows: in the first bachelor year (B1) you will have to satisfy the Binding Study Advice (BSA) threshold, which means that you must earn at least 45 ECTS credits by the end of the first year of study. Subsequently, in the second and third years (B2 and B3), you will continue with your major and also follow a minor. The bachelor programme is concluded with a bachelor degree.

The programme is set out in the table below.


major in ECTS

minor in ECTS

Total ECTS













Honours Programme 
The Radboud Honours Academy enables motivated and talented students of Radboud University to follow an extra challenging programme alongside their regular studies. There are separate Honours programmes for bachelor and master students.

More information about the programmes can be found on the website. You can also make an appointment for a meeting with one of the programme directors.

Radboud Honours Academy Erasmusplein 1, 19th floor, room 19.06, tel.: 024-3615955, e-mail: honours@honours.ru.nl Website: www.ru.nl/honoursacademy