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Individual examination programme

During the first year, there is room to personalise your programme and choose the courses that you’re interested in (20 EC). This individual programme (electives) consists of two main components:

  • Courses offered by National Research Schools (a minimum of 10 EC)
  • Elective courses (a maximum of 10 EC) offered by:
    • Regular and/or Research master’s courses offered by Radboud University
    • Regular and/or Research master’s courses offered by any Dutch university
    • Individual tutorials
    • Courses offered by one of the Netherlands Scientific Institutes Abroad (KNIR Rome, NIKI Florence, NIA Athens and NVIC Caïro).

Language courses and transferable skill modules are excluded. The final assignments will have to be completed in English.

Your tutor will help you select courses and create a programme tailored to your interests.

Arranging your individual programme


If you follow the standard study planning you will take all electives in year one:

  • Period 2: 5 EC
  • Period 3: 10 EC
  • Period 4: 5 EC

Approval of the courses

  • For courses offered by Radboud University you don’t need to request approval before taking the course.
  • For courses offered by other research universities, a National Research School* and/or Netherlands Scientific Institutes Abroad you need to submit a request to the examination board before taking the course. The request should mention the institute, course code, course name, EC and a link to the course description (study guide). Note that the examination board could take up to a maximum of 6 weeks to communicate their decision.
  • For an individual tutorial you will first need to discuss details with the instructor who is willing to organize an individual (research) tutorial. Consider learning goals, content plan, time schedule relating to number of EC, period, contact information instructor. Then send the following request to the examination board and check if you receive a decision no later than 6 weeks after submission:
    At ___ University, Dr. ___ has offered to organize a tutorial with me. The theme of the tutorial is the “___” with special emphasis on ___. Prior to each meeting, I will prepare a short, written assignment based on secondary literature, and be responsible for preparing questions for discussion. The final assignment will be roughly ___ words. The preliminary syllabus of this tutorial is attached to this request. The course is categorized as an “optional (Research) Master course” at ___ University. The proposed tutorial awards ___ EC.

* List of National Research Schools:

  • ARCHON (Archaeology)
  • Huizinga Institute (Cultural History)
  • LOT (Linguistics)
  • NICA (Cultural Analysis)
  • NISIS (Islamic Studies)
  • NOG (Gender Studies)
  • NOSTER (Theology & Religious Studies)
  • NRSMS (Medieval Studies)
  • OIKOS (Classical Studies)
  • OPG (Political History)
  • OSK (Art History)
  • OSL (Literary Studies)
  • OZSW (Philosophy)
  • Posthumus (Economic & Social History)
  • RMeS (Media Studies)
  • WTMC (Science, Technology & Modern Culture)

Registration for courses

  • Registering for RU courses can be done by following the regular timeline communicated by STIP.
  • Registering for courses offered by other research universities can be done by following the procedure of the relevant institute. In addition you will need to arrange a registration as a subsidiary student. Please start on time to arrange these course registrations and carefully check the deadlines set by other universities.
  • In order to take a course at a National Research School, you will need a registration. During the Becoming an Academic Professional course you will get all the information you need including the request to choose one of the Research Schools for your registration. As soon as your registration is done, you can register for specific courses. If you’d like to also take a course at another Research School, you can contact them to ask if you can join as a guest.


  • For RU courses your grade will be published in OSIRIS. You don’t need to take any additional steps.
  • For outside RU courses, you will need to submit a request to the examination board to get your grade converted. Please attach an official transcript of records offered by the institute (signed and/or stamped).
  • For a tutorial:
    • Tutorial at RU: the instructor can register the grade through the STIP (program secretary Cecilia Stutvoet).
    • Tutorial outside RU: follow the instructions mentioned above for courses outside RU.