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Communication and language behaviour

Language use varies between different groups in society. This field studies, for example, issues of language choice in particular communicative settings, but also aspects of the communication process itself, particularly the role of social media and digital media. In addition there are courses that investigate the social-psychological, or cognitive, effects of different communication patterns.

Relevant courses are listed below.

Course name Credits (EC) Course code Period
Diversity in Communication 6 LET-REMA-LCXE40 1
AI in Language and Communication Research 6 LET-REMA-LCEX33 1-2
Text and Multimedia Mining 6 LET-REMA-LCEX06 1-2
Using and Acquiring Multiple Languages 6 SOW-DGCN19 2
Aspects of Intercultural Competence 6 LET-REMA-LCEX39 3
Technology-enhanced Language Learning 6 LET-REMA-LCEX26 3
Child Bilingualism 6 LET-REMA-LCEX27 3-4
Interactional Sociolinguistics: Global Perspectives 6 LET-REMA-LCEX35 3-4
Internet Outrage 6 LET-REMA-LCEX41 3-4
Non-nativeness in Communication 6 LET-REMA-LCEX14 3-4

For courses offered by Tilburg University, as part of the Linguistics and Information Sciences programme, see under TiU courses.