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Elective minor - rules and procedures

From 2024-2025, it will be possible to choose an elective minor. This minor consists of 30 EC cohesive courses (in sem. 1 and/or 2) and a think tank of 10 EC in semester 2 (LET-LETMI-DT13).

What IS allowed?

  • 30 EC from a disciplinary package
    In a disciplinary package, you take courses from one study programme. An overview of the disciplinary packages within our own faculty can be found here.
  • 30 EC from an interdisciplinary package of a minor that was last offered in 2023-2024
    In an interdisciplinary package, you take courses that are all closely related to the theme of a minor. If you already passed the theme course OR Academia and Society of this minor, you can make this course part of your elective minor (so not both).
  • 30 EC of sustainability education (courses labelled SC in Osiris)
  • 30 EC from an existing minor or premaster from another faculty of the RU or university in the Netherlands*
  • 2x 15 EC PPS modules from the BA Philosophy
  • 30 EC of courses from related disciplinary packages
    E.g. History-Art History; Arts and Culture studies-Art History; International Business Communication - German/French/Spanish
  • Courses from different disciplinary packages but with the same, clearfocus, e.g. focussing on literature or linguistics
  • 15 EC from one disciplinary package + 15 EC from another disciplinary package
    For example, consider 15 EC from the disciplinary package French/German/Spanish/Dutch + 15 EC from the disciplinary package IBC

*CIW/IBC students: the courses Marketing (MAN-BCU2008) and Cross-Cultural Management and Communication (MAN-BCU345) show too much overlap with courses that are part of your mandatory study programme and may, therefore, NOT be included in the elective minor.

What is NOT allowed?

  • 30 EC from an interdisciplinary package of aminor that is still offered in 2024-2025: if the theme appeals to you, register for the thematic minor. That way, you can also be sure that your think tank assignment is linked to this theme.

  • Theme course (LET-LETMI-TH..) of a minor that is still offered: if the theme appeals to you, register for the thematic minor.
    If you have already started a thematic minor, which will still be offered in 2024-2025, and you want to switch to an elective minor, you will not be allowed to integrate the (possibly passed) theme course into the elective minor.

  • Internship of 15 EC: you already do a think tank of 10 EC as part of your elective minor, which you can also replace with an individual (research) internship.

  • Courses which strongly overlap with mandatory courses in your study programme.


Does the set of courses you've selected (30 EC) meet the conditions mentioned above? In that case, you fill in the form on the right.

If your selected courses do not quite fit within the framework described above ("What IS allowed?"), but it is not listed under "What is NOT allowed?" either, please send a request to the Examination Board.

NOTE: You can only apply for an elective minor from 1 July 2024, after the publication of the study and minor guides for 2024-2025.


From 1 July 2024, you can find the form to apply for a free minor here.