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Practical information

There are a few practicalities.


  1. In order to participate in a minor and its courses and to ensure that all courses are placed in the right place in your study progress overview (SVO), you must register via OSIRIS in advance. This goes for both the minor itself and the individual courses within that minor.
  2. In July you register for the minor (via Specialisation) and the (inter)disciplinary package (via Minor). For more information please check the manual.
  3. You sign up for the courses that take place in the first semester in the registration period in July. You register for courses in the second semester during the registration period in December.

Individual (research) internship

Every student participates in a think tank, but you can also opt for an individual think tank: an internship at a company or organisation or a research internship. Please be aware of the time schedule: For an internship during the first semester you need to submit your request by 15 July. For an internship in the second semester you need to submit the request by 15 December.

Two Bachelor's programmes

The following applies to students enrolled in two Bachelor’s programme’s at the Faculty of Arts who started their first programme in or after September 2018:

  • The student is exempted from taking a minor (40 EC) for one of their programmes.
  • The student only has to follow the fixed components of the minor in the other programme.

This information can also be found in the Education and Exam Regulations (EER).

Are you enrolled in a Bachelor's programme at the Faculty of Arts and at another faculty, you can be exempted from the elective space within the minor. You would only have to follow the fixed components of the minor.

Please send a request to the Examination Board if you want to be exempted.

Bridging programme

Are you a student at the Faculty of Arts and would you like to do a Master's programme in Tourism and Culture or Creative industries, even though you do not automatically meet the admission criteria based on your major? In that case, you can already qualify for these Master's programmes during your Bachelor's programme by following a bridging programme.