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Thematic minors

The Faculty of Arts offers multiple thematic minors, that focus on a current societal theme. That way you can broaden or deepen your knowledge on that theme.


Every thematic minor consists of three fixed components:

  • Theme course (5 EC): you will get an introduction to the theme of your minor to establish a thematic knowledge base.
  • Academia and Society (5 EC): you will focus on current societal debates related to the theme of the minor and gain insight into the various possibilities that a humanities programme offers you on the labour market.
  • Think tank (10 EC): you will work on an assignment for a company or institution in a group of six to eight students. You can also choose to do an  individual internship at a company or a research internship
    Please note: You must pass the theme course to be able to participate in the think tank. It is also highly recommended that you take the course Academia and Society before participating in the think tank.

Besides the fixed components, you take elective courses for 20 EC. You will choose courses from an interdisciplinary or disciplinary package.

Interdisciplinary package

If you choose the interdisciplinary package of your minor, you choose courses for a total of 20 EC that allow you to focus on specific aspects of the theme of your minor.

  • If several interdisciplinary packages are offered within a minor, you can combine courses from the different interdisciplinary packages of that minor.
  • You are not allowed to choose courses from an interdisciplinary package that belong to the compulsory part of your own degree programme.

Disciplinary package

In the disciplinary package you can choose courses of one degree programma (within or outside the Faculty or Arts) for a total of 20 EC. An overview of the disciplinary packages within our own faculty can be found here.

Bridging programme

Are you a student at the Faculty of Arts and would you like to do a Master's programme in Tourism and Culture or Creative industries, even though you do not automatically meet the admission criteria based on your major? In that case, you can already qualify for these Master's programmes during your Bachelor's programme by following a bridging programme.

Possible B3-programme with a thematic minor

Possible B3-programme with a thematic minor

* Some BA programmes only have one major course (= a compulsory course of their own degree programme) in the first semester. The second course will take place in the second semester.