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Internship Minor

Relevant programme: All Faculty of Arts programmes
Minor coordinator: Evelyne Fruit
Open to: Students from all Faculty of Arts programmes
Entry requirements: The first year (propedeuse) must be passed for the internship minor


Contact internship coordinator Evelyne Fruit as soon as possible. You can also sign up for office hours via the website


Have you always wanted to gain practical experience in your field during your study? The internship minor is the perfect opportunity. You will perform specific tasks in an organisation of your choice. An internship is an efficient way to explore the professional field, to bring theory into practice and to gain a better understanding of your own qualities and shortcomings. After you have finished you internship minor, you will have more knowledge about your capacities, wishes and ambitions. Furthermore, employers scan your CV on practical experience, so this minor may give you an advantage over your competition.

What is the time period for an internship?
The minor requires you to invest at least 420 hours (15 ECTS) in your internship. This equals three months of full-time work, but it is also possible to spread the hours over a longer period of time. The exact start and end date will be determined in consultation with your internship guide.

How do I find an internship?
An online database can be found on the website of Career Service Arts, in which you can find internships that possibly fit Arts students. You can also check the Facebook page. If you are unable to find an internship through the online tools, the internship coordinator will be eager to help you find a good fit. It is also possible to search for an internship yourself. There are many possibilities, as long as the internship is somehow related to your programme and the level is appropriate for a university student.

Internship abroad
The internship minor also gives you the opportunity to do an internship abroad. The procedure is basically the same as for an internship in the Netherlands. If you have specific questions about scholarships however, please consult the International Office.

Support from Career Service Arts
It is important to inform the internship coordinator in time when you have found an internship. To do so, fill out the application form on the website and register via Osiris. After your application has been approved, Career Service Arts will prepare a contract. You will receive the contract and the name of your supervisor within 14 days.

Career Service Arts offers a lot more. They understand that good preparation is essential to your future career. Our employees are always happy to give feedback on your CV/LinkedIn profile and letter of application, answer specific questions about the labour market or give career advice. In cooperation with different programmes and study associations, several interesting workshops are organised. All of this is done within Career+: our professional preparation programme for the labour market.

Would you like additional information? A complete and detailed manual is available on the website of Career Service Arts, in which the process including the assessment is described. Do not forget to take a look on our social media pages as well.