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Global Communication and Diversity 60

Exam programme:
LET-P-CIW-GCD23 - CIW pre-master GCD 60

Program for students with a higher vocational education

Course name Code 1 2 3 4 EC
Academic Writing LET-CIWPM700-IBC X 5
Statistics LET-CIWB253-IBC X X 5
Cross-cultural online communication


X X 5
Building Blocks of English 1 LET-CIWB102E-IBC X X 5
Marketing Communication LET-CIWB153-IBC X X 5
Communication and Behaviour in Organisations LET-CIWB262-IBC X X 5
Intercultural Communication* LET-CIWB152-IBC X X X 5
Research Methodology II LET-CIWB265-IBC X X 5
Language Management in International Organisations LET-CIWB264-IBC X 5
Cross Cultural Language use English LET-CIWB301E-IBC X X 5
Bachelor Thesis LET-CIWB351-IBC X X 10
Total 60

This is a preliminary programme outline for the academic year 2023-2024. Pre-Master's programmes are subject to change.

* Premaster GC&D students take this course in period 1. Premaster C&B students who take this course (again) can also do so in period 3 or period 4. Students are only allowed to register for this course once a semester. If a student registers for this course in period 3, they are not allowed to register again in period 4 of the same academic year.

This pre-Master's programme (60 EC) is a 1 year fulltime study programme. If you wish to deviate from this study planning, please make sure to discuss this with the study advisor well in advance.