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English 60

LET-P-GES-EN-23 - History pre-master 60

Programme for non-Dutch speaking students preparing for the Master Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean Worlds.

Course Name Code 1 2 3 4 EC
Introduction to Comparative European History 1


X 5
Ancient History 1


X 5
Historiographical Debates in European History 1


X 5
Ancient History 2


X 5
Introduction to Comparative European History 2 LET-GESB112-CEH X 5
Research Lab LET-GESB2101-CEH X 5
History in Action: Methods and Techniques for Historical Research LET-GESB2109-CEH X 5
Thematic Seminar* (select one of the thematic seminars) X X 10
Philosophy of History LET-GESB110-CEH X 5
Bachelor thesis LET-GESB3100-CEH X X 10
Total 60

This is a preliminary programme outline for the academic year 2023-2024.
Pre-master's programmes are subject to change.

This pre-Master's programme (60 EC) is a 1 year fulltime study programme. If you wish to deviate from this study planning, please make sure to discuss this with the study advisor well in advance.

* Thematic seminars to choose from in 2023-2024 second semester:
LET-GESB2220 - Thematic Seminar Slavery and Society in the Roman World       

LET-GESB2202-CEH - Thematic Seminar Demonic power, possession, witchcraft and exorcism in late medieval and renaissance demonology
LET-GESB2205-CEH Thematic Seminar Everyday Colonialism? Life stories from 18th-century Sri Lanka

* Thematic seminars to choose from in 2023-2024 first semester:
LET-GESB3202-CEH - Thematic Seminar Cities in motion: infrastructures and experiences of urban mobility (Europe, 1800-1970)
LET-GESB3204-CEH Thematic Seminar The Making of Constantinople and Rome, 313-1054 AD