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Guidelines on recording lectures by students

These guidelines pertain exclusively to the recording of lectures by students. Live streaming and recording of other activities (such as seminars, internships, etc.) are outside the scope of this document. This refers to recordings or live streaming of video and/or audio made by the student during an (online) lecture.

The basic principle is that students are not permitted to record or stream a lecture.

  1. Live streaming of a lecture is under no circumstances allowed.

Recording a lecture by a student is only permitted if all the following conditions are met:

    • Radboud University does not make a recording of the lecture;
    • The (guest) lecturer has not explicitly prohibited recording by students at the beginning or during the lecture[1];
    • The student has informed the (guest) lecturer in advance about the recording and the (guest) lecturer has given permission;
    • The recording by the student is done openly, so that it is possible for the (guest) lecturer and other students to be aware of the recording;
    • The recording by the student is solely for personal use and is not made public, for example, by publishing it on the internet or otherwise making it available;
    • No recordings of fellow students are made;
    • Recording takes place only in the room where the lecture is held and only during the lecture; and
    • The recording is permanently deleted after the student has completed the course or is no longer enrolled in the course for other reasons.
  1. Students are not allowed to make recordings or live streaming of and/or during tutorial group sessions.
  2. Students may use recordings, regardless of whether they were made by Radboud University or by the student, solely for study purposes.
  3. Students are explicitly prohibited from editing and distributing the recordings or using the recordings or any edited versions to harm a (guest) lecturer, fellow student, Radboud University, and/or a third party.
  4. If a student does not comply with these guidelines, it will be considered a breach of the house rules and disciplinary measures of Radboud University. In such cases, the faculty can decide that appropriate measures may be imposed.

Processing of Personal Data in the Context of Lecture Recordings

If the student makes the recording, Radboud University is not the data controller for the personal data processed in the context of that recording. In this case, the student is responsible for complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights

The student is responsible for their own recording of the (online) lecture, and the ownership rights of the recording belong to the student. This excludes the intellectual property rights on the content of the recording, which belong to Radboud University and/or third parties.


For students with disabilities, video and audio recordings can sometimes be a solution to access the necessary information. If this applies to you, please contact the student dean to discuss the possibilities.

[1] A (guest) lecturer may prohibit students from recording a lecture at their own discretion. They do not need to justify this decision. Reasons for prohibiting a recording may include privacy violations of the lecturer and privacy-sensitive and/or non-patented content.