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The faculty board has decided to include all lectures in the Philosophy and PPS bachelor's programmes as web lectures. In addition, the weblectures for the premaster Philosophy and Religious Studies will be maintained.

The weblectures (recordings) of the lectures are intended as support for students who have to miss lectures, as extra help in preparing for examinations and for students who fall under the regulation 'Flexible Study' and need extra facilities for a long period of time.

The following applies to web lectures:

  • All lectures in the bachelor's programme are recorded as weblectures.
  • The weblectures are made available to all students via Brightspace two weeks before the examination period by the lecturer.
  • A weblecture means only the recording of the lecture.
  • There is no live streaming and no interaction with students at home.
  • (Individual) student requests to record additional courses as weblectures cannot be honoured.

Only lectures are recorded. So no lectures or other forms of work. This is determined on the basis of the work formats in the OER.