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Step-By-Step Plan for Master's Thesis, Defence, and Diploma Application

  1. Register in Osiris for the Master's thesis workshop and the Master's thesis.
  2. Contact your preferred thesis supervisor yourself.
  3. Schedule interim feedback sessions with your supervisor.
  4. A committee of examiners will be appointed about a month before the intended completion of your thesis.
  5. Submit the final version of the thesis in Brightspace.
  6. Your supervisor will let you know if your thesis has been approved.
  7. If your thesis is approved, then you and your thesis supervisor and the second examiner will schedule a date for your defence.
  8. You will defend your thesis before the thesis supervisor and the second examiner.
  9. The final grade for your thesis will be determined.
  10. You will receive the final grade from your thesis supervisor by e-mail (only for THRW).
  11. STIP will enter the grade and title of the thesis into Osiris. You will receive a standard notification from Osiris that the grade was processed.
  12. If you submit a diploma request, then STIP will process it.
  13. If you have given permission, your thesis will be saved in the Radboud University Thesis Repository.
  14. The Career Service Officer at FFTR will receive a CC of your diploma request and will invite you for a career interview.

More information about the Master’s thesis study guides can be found here.