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The Dynamics of Social Complexity

Department: Philosophy, Politics and Society
Coordinator: B. Geurts
Prerequisites and accessibility: https://www.ru.nl/courseguides/fftr/bachelor-pps/access-pps-courses-modules/
Period: Semester 2, period 3 and 4


The human species has evolved over the course of several million years, and with it have evolved its distinctive forms of sociality, which have become increasingly large and complex. This module explores the evolution of human sociality, with special emphasis on different forms of sociality and the transitions from small-scale to large-scale interactions.

Period Course Course ID Credits
3 & 4 The roots of human sociality FTR-FIPPSB318 5
3 & 4 Social Epistemology: From Individual Justification to Social Warrant FTR-FIPPSB322 5
3 & 4 From small talk to big media FTR-FIPPSB320 5
Module code: FTR-MI-FI122-22