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Mental Health in Crisis

Coordinator: D.W. Strijbos
Prerequisites and accessibility: https://www.ru.nl/courseguides/fftr/bachelor-pps/access-pps-courses-modules/
Period: Semester 1, period 1 and 2


What does it mean to be mentally healthy? Health is often defined in medical terms. But when thinking about the healthy mind, other aspects also play an important role, such as social and societal issues, and the role of the individual’s experience and personal context. In this module, students learn to critically reflect on the question what it means to be mentally healthy by engaging in recent debates on neurodiversity and the social construction of the mind, and by delving into the turbulent history of psychiatry as a medical discipline. Implications are drawn for the normative issue as to how we should relate to mental health problems, individually, in the context of mental health care and in society at large.

Period Course Course ID Credits
1 & 2 The History and Status of Psychiatric Illnesses FTR-FIPPSB227 5
1 & 2 Neurodiversity FTR-FIPPSB228 5
1 & 2 The Social Design of the Mind FTR-FIPPSB229 5
Module code: FTR-MI-FI124-23