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Programme third year PPS

Programme outline

Semester Course Course Code EC
1 Choose two modules*# 2 x 15
2 Choose one module*# 15
2 Philosophy in Practice** FTR-FIPPSB301 5




Bachelor's Thesis

Bachelor's Thesis





Total 60 EC

students have to choose one PPS module from the relevant semester and year (below).

# students may substitute one or two of the modules (15 EC each) in the second and third year with free elective courses for a total of 15 EC (one module) or 30 EC (two modules).

** Students who are unable to take the course Philosophy in Practice due to stay abroad in the context of the Erasmus Program outside the mobility window (i.e. in the second semester of the third year) can choose a substitute course worth 5 EC. Once you have found a replacement course, request approval from the examination board.


Module Module code Courses Course Code EC
Ecology and Sustainability FTR-MI-FI108-19 Ecophilosophy in the Anthropocene FTR-FIPPSB201 5
Political Ecology FTR-FIPPSB202 5
Critique of Green Ideology FTR-FIPPSB225 5
Leben, Kultur und Krise FTR-MI-FI119-20 Entfremdung und Kritik FTR-FIPPSB311


Du musst Dein Leben ändern FTR-FIPPSB312


Die Rettung der Lebenswelt FTR-FIPPSB313


Religious Contacts and Conflicts FTR-MI-FI113-19 The Silk Road FTR-FIPPSB216 5
IPS in the ME III: State and Diversity FTR-FIPPSB217 5
Dying for God FTR-FIPPSB218 5
The Making of the Human FTR-MI-FI121-22 The forces that make humans FTR-FIPPSB315 5
Biopower and the making of the human FTR-FIPPSB316 5
Human made: on technology and the arts FTR-FIPPSB317 5


Module Module Code Course Course Code EC
The Digital Revolution FTR-MI-FI112-19 An Introduction to the Philosophy of technology FTR-FIPPSB213 5
Surveillance Society FTR-FIPPSB214 5
Ethics of AI FTR-FIPPSB224 5
Society and the Individual FTR-MI-FI120-21 Social Contract Theory FTR-FIPPSB305 5
Social cohesion and conventions FTR-FIPPSB321 5
Authenticity and Public Life FTR-FIPPSB307 5
The Dynamics of Social Complexity FTR-MI-FI122-22 The roots of human sociality FTR-FIPPSB318 5
Social practices in modern philosophy FTR-FIPPSB322 5
From small talk to big media FTR-FIPPSB320 5
  • During the second and third year of PPS, students may replace one or two modules by other elective courses and minors  or an international exchange amounting to either 15 EC (when replacing one module) or 30 EC (when replacing two modules). Such replacements must always be submitted to and approved by the Examining Board well in advance.
  • Students have to register in Osiris for the entire module as well as for the individual courses of the module.
  • You can opt for an internship minor if you are in the third year of your bachelor’s programme, and want to orient yourself on the labor market as part of your education.