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Elective courses master Theology 3 year

Within the master’s programme in Theology (3 year) the faculty offers the following courses. You can choose from them to replace one of your seminars in the first and/or second year. You can also choose from these courses for your 3rd year within the academic specialization. Note that in your 3rd year (academic specialization) you can also choose to do courses from NOSTER or to study abroad. Please contact your student advisor for more information and to plan your programme.

Course Course code Course load (EC)
Seminar Greek (in combination with Hebrew) FTR-THMA100 5
Seminar Hebrew (in combination with Greek) FTR-THMA101 5
Specialisation Exegesis of the Old Testament FTR-THMA150-1 10
Specialisation Exegesis of the New Testament FTR-THMA150-2 10
Specialisation Church History FTR-THMA150-3 10
Specialisation Canon Law FTR-THMA150-4 10
Specialisation Dogmatic Theology FTR-THMA150-5 10
Specialisation Theological Ethics FTR-THMA150-6 10
Specialisation Pastoral Theology FTR-THMA150-7 10
Specialisation Missiology FTR-THMA150-8 10
Seminar Practical Theology: Pastoral Theology FTR-THMA203 10
Seminar Biblical Exegesis: Urban Imagination in the Hebrew Bible FTR-THMA204 10
Seminar Systematic Theology FTR-THMA205 10
Seminar History of Church and Theology FTR-THMA206 10
Seminar Religious Studies FTR-THMA207 10
Levensloop FTR-THMA208 5