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Structure of the curriculum

The two-year programme consists of the following:

  • Two seminars on research methodologies (2 x 10 EC)
  • Four Research Master seminars, at least two of which is in your area of specialisation (4 x 10 EC)*
  • Two regular Master's courses of your own choice (2 x 10 EC)*
    One of the two elective courses can be replaced by an internship of 10 EC.
  • A State of the Art Paper (10 EC)
  • A Research Master thesis (30 EC) consisting of:
    1) a journal article (20 EC)
    2) a research proposal (10 EC)

Some of these elements have a fixed place in the curriculum. The others (marked with an *) will depend on your specific Master programme.

Before starting your Master education, you should apply for approval of your Master programme. Download one of the forms and discuss your program with your supervisor and the the student advisor. Additional information is available on the form. You may also use this form to apply for approval of a change in your programme.

Shown schematically, the two years of the Research Master programme will be structured as follows:

First semester Second semester
Methods and Skills (10 EC) Methods and Skills (10 EC)
Research/Master seminar* (10 EC) Research/Master Seminar * (10 EC)
Research/Master Seminar* (10 EC) Research/Master Seminar * (10 EC)
Third semester Fourth semester
Research/Master seminar* (10 EC) Master thesis (30 EC)
Research/Master seminar* (10 EC)
State of the Art Paper (10 EC)

Students are encouraged to take courses at other universities in the Netherlands, or take courses with the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW). Students may also get some of their credits by organising (up to two) reading groups for 2.5 EC (contact philosophyRM@ru.nl for details). It is also possible to study abroad during an agreed upon period. Note that if you already have an MA degree in philosophy, you can apply for a waiver for some programme components.