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Admission and exemptions

Before you can enroll in Business Administration, you must meet the admission requirements. You need to have received sufficient previous education in the Netherlands or abroad, proven by a diploma, and you need to be proficient in English, in some cases proven by a certificate. Exemptions, replacement subjects or extra exam opportunities. You can find the specific requirements in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). If you opt for the specialisation International Business Administration, you will have to meet certain criteria at the end of year 1.

Exemptions, replacement subjects or extra exam opportunities
Do you think you are eligible for an exemption or do you want to take a replacement subject? In that case, you are formally deviating from the Education and Examination Regulations. A request to deviate from the EER can be approved or rejected by the Examination Board of your study programme. Ensure that your request for a deviation from the EER is always submitted on time, contains an explanation and includes the necessary documentation. The study advisor is a consulting member of the Examining Board and can explain the procedure to you.