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General guide to the Bachelor's programme

The Business Administration programme at Radboud University is a three-year degree Bachelor’s programme.

The first year of your studies will be an introduction to the programme and all students enrolling in Business Administration will start in this first year. It is also possible to study the first year in Dutch (see Bedrijfskunde), but then it is not possible to choose the specialisation International Business Administration in the second year. After the first year of Business Administration, you can choose four specialisations to continue your studies in the second and third year. These specialisations are:

During the third year, you will have the option to study abroad at one of our 180 international partner universities across the globe. If you choose to study the specialisation International Business Administration, you will have to study abroad: six months of studying at one of our partner universities is obligatory and included in the programme.

Study abroad
Depending on the track you follow, either your programme exists, as a fixed part of the programme, of study abroad in the third year for six months (either to study or for an internship), when you are a student of the specialisation International Business Administration (IBA); or you are encouraged to take the option of following a part of your study at a university abroad, when you are a student of the general Business Administration or the Business Economics specialisation. The Nijmegen School of Management believes it is important for students to complete part of their studies at a university abroad. This enriches the study programme with knowledge and skills that are necessary to function in an internationally-oriented and multicultural society, a global economy and job market. The Nijmegen School of Management has over 180 Erasmus contracts, and more than 50 bilateral agreements with universities outside of Europe. For more information about the possibilities, go to the website of  the International Mobility Office.

Elective components
The Bachelor's Programme offers students optional courses (electives). Optional courses can be taken at our faculty or elsewhere, in the Netherlands or abroad. If you choose a coherent set of optional courses (a minor), you can add an extra dimension to your studies. For more information on how to make a good choice of optional courses, you can contact the International Office or the study advisor for your study programme.

Basically, you can choose from all of the courses offered by other Bachelor's study programmes from within the faculty. However, methodological instruction courses, projects and the Academic Skills course cannot be chosen as optional courses. Not all courses are suitable. In particular, you should check the course's prerequisites listed in the course description. Only students who have been admitted to the Master's programme can take the related optional courses. If you want more information about the suitability of courses or the best sequence of courses, you should contact the study advisor or consult the minor guide of the Faculty.

If you want to take courses outside the Faculty, then you can consult the digital study guides of the other degree programmes at Radboud University. If you are in doubt as to the suitability of a course, you can contact the study advisor of the study programme concerned. For courses abroad, you can contact the International Mobility Office.

Contact hours
During almost your entire Bachelor's degree programme, we assume that you have about 15 contact hours per week during 7 teaching weeks (excluding holidays and exam weeks) within a block of 14 teaching weeks in one semester. Besides the contact hours, we expect you to spend 25 hours per week on independent study. The contact hours are divided into lecture hours, tutorial hours and other hours (including practicals, feedback, open consultation hours, seminars and field trips).