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Goals and further education

Goals and competencies
At the end of the degree programme, students are capable of:

  • Theory: regarding the most important ideas, theories en concepts in social and integral business administration (in the areas of organization, strategy, finance, marketing and management):
    • explaining them and relating them to current developments and debates;
    • critically assessing them by making judgements about their scientific/practical application and implications.
  • Research: using the most important concepts and techniques in social science research methodology and intervention methodology, to critically evaluate empirical research and perform business administration research (or components thereof).
  • Application: set up and implement a study into a practical business administration problem and translate the results into a design and recommendations for focused intervention so that problems in organizations will be adequately diagnosed and effective solutions will be generated.
  • Communication: adequately communicate and report on research and interventions by working systematically on the collection and processing of information, and reporting the results in writing and orally to specialists and non-specialists alike.
  • Self-reflection:

    • appraising the level and development of their acquired knowledge and competencies;
    • forming an opinion on complex international and cultural issues based on comparing relevant societal, scientific or ethical aspects;
    • evaluating their own thoughts and behaviours concerning international and cross-cultural encounters.

After the Bachelor's programme
Radboud University offers a Master's programme in Business Administration as a follow-up to the Bachelor's programme.