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Study supervision and mentors

Study advisors
Do you have questions about the binding study advice (BSA), interim examinations, the Education and Examination Regulations, elective courses, minors, internships, study choices or other study-related matters? The study advisor can help you. He/she is your first contact point for general questions concerning education, and can help you with your study planning or individual study problems.

Especially if you have been incapable of studying for a longer period due to illness or other personal circumstances, it is advisable to contact the study advisor. If necessary, he or she can refer you to the student careers centre, a campus psychologist or student counsellor. The study advisor is also a consulting member of the Examining Board.

In addition to the study advisors, tutoring in the first year's programme is also given by the Academic Skills (AS) teachers. The AS teachers mainly support you in developing an academic attitude towards your studies and acquiring academic skills for studying methods and planning. At your request, they will provide individual tutoring sessions. The AS teachers also play a role in the study recommendation provided twice in the first year's programme. When the recommendation is not positive, the explanation given is always based on the AS teacher's judgement. If you think you need more tutoring than described above, do not hesitate to contact a study advisor.