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Information for students from other study programmes

Optional (elective) courses and minors
Almost all courses offered by the Bachelor's degree programmes within the Nijmegen School of Management can be chosen as an elective course. However some courses, such as methodological courses, projects and the Academic Skills courses are not suitable as electives. Please check the course's prerequisite requirements listed in the course description to see if a course is suitable as an elective. Only students who have been admitted to the Master's programme can take the related elective courses. In our minor guide (Dutch) you can find more information about all minors that are offered from within the Faculty. Here you'll find an overview of the elective courses offered by the Nijmegen School of Management.

If you want more information about the suitability of courses or the best sequence of courses, please contact the study advisor of the degree programme concerned.

Pre-Master's programmes
The Nijmegen School of Management offers various pre-Master's programmes for which the language of instruction is English or Dutch.