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Third year (B3)

The third year is focused on specific development of the further integration and application of knowledge and skills in courses within the chosen specialisation (Business Economics, Financial Economics, International Economics and Policy, International Economics and Business or International Economics and Management). The student can partly choose the content of the programme using electives, their use of the free time in their schedule, and the selection of a topic for the Bachelor’s thesis.

In principle, all courses from other Bachelor’s programmes can be chosen as electives within the faculty. However, methodology courses, projects, and the Academic Skills course cannot always be chosen as electives. Not every course is equally suitable as an elective course option. When making a decision, please take note of the header “prior knowledge” in the course description. Electives in the Master’s programme are only accessible to students who have been admitted to that particular Master’s. If you would like more information on your ability to take a course, or on the best order for you to take certain courses in, please contact the study advisor or consult the faculty minor guide.

If you want to take courses outside of the faculty, then you can review the digital prospectuses of the other degree programmes at Radboud University. If you are in doubt as to whether you have met the requirements to take a course, please contact the study advisor of the relevant degree programme. You can also look for interesting courses abroad, or do an internship to fill the room in your academic schedule. Please contact the International Mobility Office if you want to take courses abroad.

Bachelor’s Thesis In the final part of the third year, you will conduct your own research: the Bachelor’s Thesis. This thesis will display your skills and showcase your own interests. Supervised by an individual supervisor (who is or was engaged in research in your field of interest), you will formulate a scientific problem that you will research independently. For example, Bachelor’s theses written in this degree programme can be about flexibility in the workplace or about building client relationships through branding.