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Course index 2024-2025

Although the title in the header suggests these are the courses for 2023-2024 this is not the case. The courses listed below are for academic year 2024-2025. The course title can only be adjusted after 1 July 2024.

This offer is subject to change. Check this page regularly for updates!

Course code

Course name



MAN-MHR015 A Critical Approach to SHRL 1
MAN-MEC031 Accounting and Control Theory 1 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU2004 Accounting for Performance Management 2
MAN-MEC034 Accounting for Responsible Governance 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU3016 Accounting for Sustainable Societies 3
MAN-MEC040 Accounting for the Digital Economy 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU168 Accounting, the Language of Business 4
MAN-MEC043 Advanced Behavioural Finance 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MEC053 Advanced Corporate Finance and Control 3 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MEC035 Advanced Financial Economics 3 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MOD012 Advanced Research Methods 1 and 2
MAN-BCU2028 Approaches to Space and Environment 1
MAN-MEC055 Auditing and Auditors 3 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU2041 Behavioural and Experimental Economics 3
MAN-BCU2005 Behavioural and Experimental Finance 3
MAN-MEC041 Behavioural Economics & Policy 1 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU306 Borders and Identities in Europe 1
MAN-MSG057 Borders in a Postcolonial World 3
MAN-MIE004 Business Development 1
MAN-MST020 Business Model Innovation 3 Number of participants subject to availability
MAN-MPL036 Cities, Water and Climate Change 2
MAN-BCU2012 Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy 4
MAN-MPOL039 Comparative Democracies: The Politics of Reform 2 Old Course Name: The Politics of Reform.
MAN-BCU2017 Comparative Economic & Business Systems 4
MAN-BCU2011EN Comparative Politics: Democratisation 3
MAN-BCU2015A Comparative Public Administration 3
MAN-MPL027 Comparative Spatial Planning 3
MAN-MMA024 Consumer Behaviour 1
MAN-MPOL028A Contemporary Debates in Political Theory 1 and 2
MAN-MEC052 Controlling and Controllers 3 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU2020 Corporate Finance 1
MAN-MST014 Corporate Strategy 1
MAN-BKV13 Corporate Sustainability Information & Decision-making 4
MAN-MEC050 Culture and Institutions 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MPOL044 Current Debates in GPE 1
MAN-MPOL035A Current Debates in International Relations Theory 1
MAN-MOC008 Current Perspectives on Responsible Organisation 3
MAN-MOC009 Data-driven analytics for responsible business solutions (DARBS) 3
MAN-MPOL045 Deliberative Democracy and its Alternatives 3 and 4
MAN-MSG054 Diverse Geographical Political Economies 2
MAN-BPRA203 Econometrics 3
MAN-BCU2040 Economic Development 3
MAN-BPRA202A Economic Methodology 2
MAN-MEC045 Economic Networks & Policy 3 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU3023 Economic Policy and Public Finance 4
MAN-BKV17 Economics and Sustainable Development 1
MAN-BKV68 Economics of Well-being: GDP, Happiness and Beyond 2
MAN-BCU2032 Environment and Society 4
MAN-MESS03 Environmental Justice 2
MAN-MBK013 EU enforcement: challenges and strategies 2 Prerequisite: one EU course at Bachelor level required ànd The EU Executive Order
MAN-BCU2050 EU Governance in Practice 4 Prerequisite: intro to Political Science/Public administration and EU governance
MAN-MPOL052 EU in Global Politics 3 Prerequisite: one EU course required
MAN-BCU336 European Governance 3
MAN-BCU2016 Financial Accounting and Reporting 4
MAN-BCU2038 Financial Regulation 2
MAN-MEC024 Financial Risk Management 3 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MOD011 Forms of Responsible Organising 3
MAN-MHR005A Gender and Diversity in Organisations 1
MAN-BKV07A Gender in Organisations 3
MAN-MPOL053 Gender, Conflict and Security 3
MAN-MSG060 Geographies of Care: Spaces, subjectivities and solidarity 2
MAN-MSG053 Geopolitics of Bordering 1
MAN-MPOL048 Global Governance and Contestation 3 and 4
MAN-MPOL050 Global Political Economy of Climate Change 3 Prerequisite: required substantial background knowledge
MAN-MSG047 Globalising Cities & Hinterlands 1 Max. 10 Exchange students, registration on a first come order
MAN-BCU2029 Globalising Worlds 1 and 2 Max. 10 Exchange students, registration on a first come order
MAN-BCU308 Government and Policy 2
MAN-BCU337 Governance in the Digital Age 4
MAN-BKV66 Healthcare Economics and Organisation 2
MAN-MHR002A HRM and Performance 2
MAN-BCU302 History of Economics 1 and 2
MAN-MEC042 Inequality & Development 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU316 Institutional Economics 2
MAN-MPL022 Institutional Perspectives: territorial governance by state, market and civil society 1
MAN-MMA035A International Brand Management 2
MAN-MEC051 International Business and Trade 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU162 International Business Ethics 3

Will also be offered in block 4

MAN-BCU2021 International Economics 1
MAN-BKV70 International Entrepreneurship 1
MAN-MMW015 International Environmental Politics 2
MAN-MEC028 International Financial Markets 1 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU2037 International Financial Policy 2
MAN-BKV47 International Management 3
MAN-MSG058 International Migration, Globalisation & Development 2 Max. 10 Exchange students, registration on a first come order
MAN-BCU2052 International Relations in the Indo Pacific* 3
MAN-MPOL041 International Security 1 and 2
MAN-MOD008 Intervention in Organisations 2
MAN-BKV69 Introduction to Big Data Analytics with applications to international business issues 2
MAN-MOC012 Introduction to Data Science for Social Sciences 3
MAN-BIN116BA Introduction to Economics and Business (Business Administration) 1 In 2024-2025 this course will take place in block 3
MAN-BIN116EN Introduction to Economics and Business (Economics and Business Economics) 1
MAN-BKV09 Introduction to Digital Economics and FinTech 1
MAN-BKV61 Introduction to Fraud Examination 3
MAN-BIN131BA Introduction to International Business* 1
MAN-BCU329 Introduction to International Political Economy 1 and 2 Only accessible for students Political Science and Public Administration
MAN-BCU360 Introduction to Organisation Design 2
MAN-BCU3022 Investment Management 3
MAN-MPOL046 Just War Theory 3 and 4 Prerequisite: required relevant prior knowledge; max. 5 Exchange students, registration on a first come order
MAN-BCU322A Knowledge in Organisations 2
MAN-MPL035 Land and Real Estate Markets: Smart Governance, Finance and Business Models 1
MAN-BKV54 Leadership in Organisations 4
MAN-MBK057 Lobbying & Advocacy in the EU 3 Prerequisite: one EU course at Bachelor level required ànd The EU Executive Order
MAN-BCU163EN Macroeconomics 2
MAN-MEC010 Macroeconomics and Policy 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MSG056 Making Sense of Urban Places 3
MAN-BCU2008 Marketing 4
MAN-MMA026 Marketing and Innovation 2 Prerequisite: required relevant prior knowledge; Number of participants subject to availability
MAN-MMA025 Marketing Performance 1
MAN-BCU301 Markets and Strategy 2
MAN-BCU104 Mathematics in Economics and Business 3
MAN-MEC049 Mergers and Acquisitions 2 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-MEC027 Methods of Empirical Analysis 1 and 2

Criteria apply, see below ** ; Number of participants subject to availability

MAN-MOR002 Methods of Research and Intervention 1
MAN-BCU164EN Microeconomics 4
MAN-BKV65 Migrations and Society 3
MAN-MBAM002 Modelling for stakeholder engagement I 1
MAN-MBAM003 Modelling for stakeholder engagement II 2
MAN-MIB001 Multinational Corporation and Sustainability 1
MAN-BCU2039 Multinational Finance 4
MAN-CI45 Natural Resources, Conflict and Governance 2 In 2024-2025 this course will take place in block 3
MAN-BKV57 Network and Organizations 3
MAN-BCU201A Operations Management & Logistics 2
MAN-MOR003 Organisation and Environment 4
MAN-MOD001 Organisation Design 2
MAN-MOR001 Organisation Theory 2 In 2024-2025 this course will take place in block 3
MAN-MOD002A Organisational Change 1
MAN-BCU344 Organisational Culture & Communication 2
MAN-MOD004 Organisations and Society 1
MAN-BCU343 Political Communication 3
MAN-BCU2024 Political Parties, Origins, Transformations and Future Prospects 2
MAN-MPOL040 Political Representation and its Challenges Democracy 1 and 2
MAN-BPRA204A Political Science Research Methods I 1
MAN-MPOL049 Political Socialisation 2 In 2024-2025 this course will take place in block 3 and 4
MAN-MPOL051 Politicization in the EU Arena 1 and 2 Prerequisite: one EU course at Bachelor level required, ànd The EU Executive Order
MAN-BCU346 Politics, Ethics and Practice 4 Criteria apply, contact the course coordinator
MAN-BKV58 Postcolonial and Decolonial Encounters 2 Max. 10 Exchange students, registration on a first come order
MAN-MPOL027A Power in Political Theory 1 Criteria apply, contact the course coordinator
MAN-BCU349 Practising Spatial Theories


MAN-BKV64 Principles of Consumer Behaviour 3
MAN-BPRO120 Project Responsible Organisation 1: Sustainable Entrepreneurship 3 and 4
MAN-BPRO204EN Project: European Integration in a Globalising Economy 3 and 4
MAN-BPRO208 Project: Financial Instruments 3 and 4
MAN-BPRO363 Project Responsible Organisation 2: Business Analysis for Responsible Organisation 3 and 4
MAN-BCU2033 Qualitative Methods 1 and 2
MAN-BPRA347EN Qualitative Research Methods 1 and 2
MAN-BCU2030EN Quantitative Methods 1 and 2
MAN-BPRA247EN Quantitative Research Methods 3
MAN-MESS04 Rethinking Sustainable Economies 1
MAN-MHR013 SHRL and the Flexible Workforce 2
MAN-BKV52 Social, Cultural Approach to Entrepreneurship 3
MAN-MEC054 Societal Challenges in Economics 1 Criteria apply, see below **
MAN-BCU348A Space and Environment in the European Union 1 In 2024-2025 this course will only take place in block 3
MAN-MOR004 Statistics 2
MAN-MST017 Strategic Alliance and Network Management 3
MAN-BCU008A Strategic Human Resource Management 1
MAN-BCU012EN Strategy 3
MAN-MST025 Strategy and Nonmarket Environment 1
MAN-MESS01 Sustainability and Societal Transformations 2
MAN-BKV71 Sustainability Pathways 1
MAN-BCU321 System Theory 1
MAN-MBAM006 Systems thinking for systemic change 1
MAN-MBK007 The EU Executive Order 1 Prerequisite: one EU course at bachelor level required
MAN-MPOL043 Theories of Comparative Politics 1
MAN-BCU2036 Theorising Spatial and Environmental Challenges


MAN-BCU2009EN Theory and History of European Integration 1
MAN-BCU3019 Topics in Financial Economics 3
MAN-BCU3018 Topics in International Economics and Policy 3
MAN-MSG051 Urban and Cultural Geography 1
MAN-MPL033 Urban Future Lab - Creative Approaches towards Vision and Strategy Building for Regional Transformation 2
MAN-MPL037 Urban Networks: Accessibility and Mobility 1
MAN-MPOL047 Urban Political Theory 2 Criteria apply, contact the course coordinator; Number of participants subject to availability
MAN-MOC007 WEconomy: Exploring Transitional Business and Society Trends


* These are new courses in 2024-2025, the course descriptions will be available from 1 July 2024 onwards.

** Students have a Bachelor in Economics or a Bachelor in Finance/Accounting for the respective Finance/Accounting courses; if applicable: students fulfil specific course requirements