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Electives Master's programme Business Administration

Students of the Master's programme Business Administration supplement their programme with two of the electives that are offered within the Master's programme in Business Administration. In contrary to the above: students in International Business, in supplementation to their scheduled courses, choose one of the indicated electives.

Students who wish to take a different elective than those listed underneath must submit a substantiated request to the Examination Board.

Electives Master's programmes Business Administration
Period Course Course code Study load (amount of EC)
Semester 2 3 Digital Marketing MAN-MMA038 6
Semester 2 3 Forms of Responsible Organising MAN-MOD011 6
Semester 2 3 International Human Resource Management MAN-MHR009 6
Semester 2 3 Social, Sustainable and Technological Innovation MAN-MOC006 6
Semester 2 3 Strategic Alliance Management MAN-MST017 6
Semester 2 3 Business Model Innovation MAN-MST020 6
Semester 2 3 WEconomy; Exploring Transitional Business and Society Trends MAN-MOC007 6
Semester 2 3 Current Perspectives on Responsible Organisation MAN-MOC008 6
Semester 2 3 Data-driven Analytics for Responsible Business Solutions MAN-MOC009 6
Semester 2 3 Innovation in Emerging Markets* MAN-MIM408 6
Semester 2 3 Advanced Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion** MAN-MHR016 6

*This elective is only suitable for students that meet the entry requirements

**This elective is only open to students who have successfully completed MAN-MHR005A Gender and Diversity in Organisations