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Goals and career prospects

Goals and competencies
At the end of the degree programme, students in one of these specialisations will be capable of:

  • Theory: autonomously explaining, critically assessing and adequately applying available theories and concepts, current developments and scientific debates to complex, multidisciplinary business administration issues.
  • Research: using autonomously conducted research based on social science research methodology and intervention methodology to provide an innovative contribution to the development of scientific knowledge and to formulate the implications for management practice and society.
  • Application: diagnosing and analysing complex, multidisciplinary business administration issues in organisations, relations with stakeholders and their environment and product-market combinations; designing effective, responsible, sustainable, solution-oriented and research-based interventions and implementing and evaluating these interventions.
  • Reflection: assessing the scientific value of business administration research and reflecting on the implications for management practice and society.
  • Communication: in a scientifically credible and persuasive manner, communicating and reporting on business administration research and interventions and adequately accounting for the research and interventions, in writing and orally, in academia and in a professional environment.

Career prospects
The career prospects for the Master’s programme in Business Administration differ depending on which Master’s specialisation you choose: Business Analysis and Modelling, Gender Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, Organisational Design and Development, Strategic Human Resource Leadership or Strategic Management.

Radboud Career Service
Radboud Career Service helps students with finding internships, gives career advice and can offer tips and guidance when applying for jobs.