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Specialisation in Business Analysis and Modelling

In the Master's specialisation in Business Analysis and Modelling, you gain in-depth understanding of:

  • the role of formal modelling and computer simulation (in particular of system dynamics) for organisational decision-making;
  • aspects that hinder effective problem solving and implementation of solutions in organisations;
  • the basic terms and concepts of game theory and related decision-analysis methods (e.g. multi criteria analysis);
  • the individual and social 'biases and heuristics' leading to suboptimal or even poor decision-making;
  • methods of group model building and other facilitated modelling approaches as used in real-world situations within organisations.

Based on the system dynamics approach, you become a specialist in developing sound simulation models that are valuable when designing and evaluating strategies. These analytical tools are combined with skills in group moderation and facilitation; research has shown that participation is an excellent way to gather information and create a willingness to change thinking and behaviour.

Master's Thesis
Your Master’s Thesis consists of an individual research project, which enables you to investigate a topic of your choice in Business Analysis and Modelling under the close supervision of our expert staff. Most students opt to conduct their research in the field in collaboration with an organisation. For examples of research in this field, see our relevant publications.