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Specialisation in Organisational Design and Development

Organisations need to constantly adapt so they can best fulfil their task of providing goods and services to society and meaningful work to their employees. Customer and market requirements can change, or new production methods or technology may become available. If there are underlying structural issues, these need to be addressed in the organisational design. However, a grand plan for change that disregards the people who carry it out will not work. Likewise, a plan that focuses only on the soft factors and ignores the root causes is almost certainly doomed to fail. This is why Radboud University offers the specialisation in Organisational Design and Development. In this specialisation you learn about the interplay between design and development and learn to integrate them. You are trained to become a flexible leader who knows how to get people involved from the start, and who understands that plans need to be adapted to deal with unforeseen obstacles.

This specialisation takes corporate social responsibility as its starting point. We teach you how organisations can operate efficiently while never losing sight of the people involved: customers, personnel, local residents, related governmental organisations. You also learn to keep sight of the organisation's future plans and current reputation (i.e. risk management). Corporate social responsibility is a moral and ethical issue, but also a strategic one of managing reputational risks and creating commitment among employees and investors. The specialisation builds on the tradition of socio-technical system design that aims to optimise both the social and the technical aspects of an organisation. You explore the possibilities of organisational development and the barriers that may arise. Put simply, you are expected to learn not just what needs to be changed, but also how this change can best be implemented.

Master's Thesis
Your Master’s Thesis consists of an individual research project, which enables you to investigate a topic of your choice in Organisational Design and Development under the close supervision of our expert staff. Most students opt to conduct their research in the field in collaboration with an organisation.