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Specialisation in Strategic Human Resources Leadership

The Master's specialisation in Strategic Human Resources Leadership teaches you how to determine the ideal combination of HR practices in order to optimise organisational, group/team and individual performance. In your future career you will need to understand how to manage the diversity and inclusion of a heterogeneous and increasingly flexible workforce as well as to understand the basics of strategic management.

The problems in human resources leadership (HRL) include long-term absence due to illness, high staff turnover, unhealthy competition between colleagues, unmotivated and unproductive employees, to mention but a few. If neglected, HRL can be very costly for a firm. Moreover, human resource managers are not only needed to enhance team and individual employee performance, they are also needed at a higher, strategic level. In fact, their input can be vital for the entire company performance. In other words, an effective company strategy not only considers the factors that need to be in play to ensure employees' well-being but also involves staff in the development of new strategic direction. After all, engagement is just as important to productivity as health and competence.

Master's Thesis
Your Master’s Thesis consists of an individual research project, which enables you to investigate a topic of your choice in Strategic Human Resource Leadership under the close supervision of our expert staff. Most students opt to conduct their research in the field in collaboration with an organisation.