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Specialisation in Strategic Management

In the Master's specialisation in Strategic Management you study the influences of the various stakeholders, strategy process in organisations, internal and external environment, and internationalisation. After completing the course you will understand what affects the organisation's ability to determine the key-issues it needs to address in its business and social environments with the aim of improving its performance. In other words, you are expected to become a modern professional who can use a scientific methodological framework to determine the best course of action that will give an organisation competitive advantage.

The heightened complexity and turbulence that affect the strategy arena have not only changed power relationships within and between organisations, but have also changed the speed with which strategy formation and execution must be conducted. Surviving under these increasingly turbulent conditions requires organisations to renew themselves by revitalising and transforming their traditional core activities. Classical business strategies, management and organisational concepts and governance structures are no longer sufficient. Organisations require new concepts, new ideas, innovations and new managerial approaches that fit their current and future needs. The strategic direction taken by an organisation is significantly influenced by the diverse field of stakeholders taking an interest in an organisation's direction.

Master's Thesis
Your Master’s Thesis consists of an individual research project, which enables you to investigate a topic of your choice in Strategic Management under the close supervision of our expert staff. Most students opt to conduct their research in the field in collaboration with an organisation.