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General information

The Master’s programme in Economics at Radboud University is a one-year, full-time study programme with seven specialisations: Accounting and ControlCorporate Finance and ControlFinancial EconomicsInternational BusinessInternational Economics and DevelopmentEconomics, Behaviour and Policy and International Political Economy.

We complement traditional Economics with insights from related disciplines such as Political Science, Psychology and Sociology, what we call ‘Economics+’. Based on a solid theoretical background in economics, we will shift your knowledge frontier by offering a broad perspective and teach you to think out of the box. You will learn about contemporary issues in Economics and Business by studying various real-world cases, scenarios, and firms and mastering the different theoretical approaches needed to understand these issues. Combined with applied knowledge from the many guest lectures, you will acquire in-depth knowledge that can be readily applied in today’s globalising world.

Education and research at Radboud University go hand in hand. Our lecturers are active in academic and applied research. They incorporate the latest academic developments and applied issues in their teaching. In our Master’s programme, professors and students interact in small groups, thus strengthening the academic atmosphere. Our programme is indeed strongly academic. We believe in teaching a solid theoretical background and a broad range of economics theories so that students thoroughly understand not just what is happening but also why and how. However, we never lose sight of practical relevance.

Real-world cases, guest speakers and the latest theoretical perspectives on current events will help you become a professional who attracts potential employers immediately after graduation.

Studying abroad 
The Nijmegen School of Management believes it is essential for students to spend time at a university abroad. Note, however, you might need longer to finish the programme. Such visits enrich the study programme with the knowledge and skills necessary to function in an internationally-oriented and multicultural society, a global economy and the job market. The Nijmegen School of Management has over 180 Erasmus contracts and more than 50 bilateral agreements with universities outside of Europe. For more information, go to the website of the International Mobility Office.

Career service
Whether you are a first-year Bachelor's or a Master's student, the Career service helps you to understand what you need to do to prepare thoroughly for entering the job market.

Internships are not a standard part of the curriculum, but we emphatically support any students who want to do the extra work involved in an internship. In some cases, we can help students find suitable internships in the Netherlands or abroad. For more information, please contact the study advisor.

Honours programme
The Radboud Honours Academy offers talented and motivated students at Radboud University the opportunity to take a challenging, supplementary programme.